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December 8, 2010

Charred and Broiled

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Company: Char-Broil

Item/Department: Quantum Grill

Do they want my business? No

Late this summer I had to buy a new grill for the backyard. The one we bought 8 years ago finally died. Well, actually, I almost did. Or at least lose my eye brows. The cast iron burners had rusted into powder. Thank goodness I opened the lid, removed the grates and looked before I engaged the electric starter. It would have looked like Homer Simpson lighting his grill.

After a lot of shopping, and learning about grills, I purchased the Char-Broil Quantum Three-burner Dual Fuel Grill with Flush-lidded Sideburner. I love the grill. It does an amazing job cooking everything on it. It maybe snowing, but I am still “Grillin.”

While I love the unit, it has had a ton of problems. The Infrared tub rusted in just 2-weeks. Char-broil replaced that very quickly.  After 4 weeks, the porcelain grates began rusting and the decals around the dials began peeling off. I contacted customer service and they told me – I had to pay shipping on the porcelain  cast iron grates (those baby’s weigh a ton) and they could not replace the stainless steel grill front with the decals.  Are you kidding me? It is just four weeks into the grill. I just want the decals. Not the front. No one in that company had a solution to the decals coming off? Add to that I had to pay for their grates that were rusting?

Four Months Later – still trying to get them to fix their issues and a big no from them. Can you believe it? The thing cooks great, but they have some operational issues in making the thing.

1> Rusting Infrared Tub (the replaced)
2> Rusting Grates (they will not replace at their cost)
3> Dial Temp Decals Fell Off (they have no decals to replace them).

Looks like they charred and broiled me. You can be sure that since they really don’t want to keep me as a customer, that they won’t.


December 6, 2010

Toys-R-(Not)Us Express

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Company: Toys-R-Us Express

Item/Department: Express Stores

Do they want my business? No

I have to admit it. I was excited to hear that a Toys-R-Us Express location was opening a couple miles from home. No longer would I have to make the 40 minuute trek to the “Big” store over by the mall. That place is always crazy, and when the holidays come – well, sanity is no longer possible for the masses.   Finally – a smaller store near by.  Blow the trumpets and let the celebration begin.

Just this past week I had to get a gift. Toys-R-Us (TRU) was running a special on some current Nintendo DSI Games that were current releases. I ran to my TRU Express location to save my self time, gas and sanity. When I arrived to the 6,000 sq. ft. store in a very expensive “Lifestyle” outdoor shopping center I was shocked. The toys inside we not the front line toys. It was like walking into a cheap clearance center. No where to be seen were Star Wars Legos, No Dora the Explorer, No ZuZu Pets, – Not a thing any kid has on their shopping list.

Even the electronic games for Wii, PS3, DSI – were all the old games which are now regularly priced under $9.00

What a waste of marketing, funds, high profile retail space, staff and more. You would think that all the time, effort, funds and support to open the TRU Express locations, that that they would have all the top, most requested items in those stores. Why else would you open those express locations in those areas? A great idea that was totally wasted.

Now, with everyone shopping for the holidays and looking to take advantage of the new TRU Express locations, I am sure that most will not be returning, and even more will think twice about their TRU experiences.

November 12, 2010

How can the deli be out of stock for over 2 weeks?

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Company: Kroger
Item/Department: Deli

Do they wany my business?   No

Two items that are nearly constantly on feature/focus at the Kroger Deli are the Boar’s Head Everroast Chicken and Pastrami. They also happen to be the items my kids eat for lunch at school.

Sadly, for more than 2 weeks they have been out of the products and they are unable to tell me when they will arrive back in the store. I have been visiting the store and buying small amounts of turkey at the deli for my kids lunches. Each time I am hoping a delivery has arrived and peace will return to my home and children’s lunches.

Maybe they want me to go find another grocer/deli that offers the Boar’s Head products we prefer?

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