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December 8, 2010

Sally Beauty Special – some items not so special

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Company: Sally Beauty

Item/Department: Online Store – Missing Flat Iron

Do they want my business? No

Found a great online holiday special from the folks at Sally Beauty on their website.  Went ahead and ordered this cool set that included: Glossing Polish, Cosmetic Bag, Turbo Dryer, Mini Curling Iron,  and a Flat Iron…  The box came today. When I opened it, the Flat Iron and Cosmetic Bag were missing from the set. The packing slip noted that they were not setup in the shipping warehouse.

Why would they not tell you that when you got the order confirmation? Why not tell you before the shipping? Those items were part of the set which was earmarked for a gift. Now, I am shorted promised products.

I will be sending them back tomorrow, and finding someone else who can keep their beautiful promises.

>> Update 12.9.2010<<

Took the items back to the local brick and mortar like their website staff directed. The local store has no idea how to process the returns. I have to go back tomorrow, and see if they figured it out.

>> Update 12.12.2010<<

Still no call from them, Looks like a road trip to the store yet again.


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