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November 15, 2010

Flavorless Coal Oven

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Company: Tony Sacco’s

Item/Department: Caprese, Garlic Rotolis, 12″ Bianco Pizza

Do they want my business? No

Today I went out to lunch with my wife and we decided to visit a pizza place that was fairly new to our area.  We were hoping it would be as good as Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria in Atlanta, GA.

While the service was good, we found their food to be lacking in flavor and apparently leaving the best parts of the meal back in the kitchen. Lunch started with Garlic Rotolis (Garlic Knots). The portion was large, and they tasted reasonable. They were not like the Garlic Knots you get back in NY. What I would give to get those fresh here in IN.

Next came our Caprese. My wife and I love tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. It is such a light and flavorful salad. Sadly, when the 7″ plate came, it had what looked like one small Roma tomato cut into see through pieces with a “nugget” of mozzarella cut into variable sized pieces. They were topped with a drizzle of olive oil and a few shreds of basil. Not worth the $8 they charged.

Pizza time! the 12″ Bianca (traditional white pizza) was bland at best. it lacked any kind of flavor at all.  It was just shredded mozzarella and a few globs of ricotta. It could have at least used a touch of garlic in that mix some place. Maybe even a bit of seasoning on the crust.

I think Max’s will remain the standard for the best Coal Fired Pizzeria. They know how to do it right.


November 12, 2010

Hurray! I can get down the Aisles at Wal-Mart.

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Company: Wal-Mart
Item/Department: Entire Store

Do they wany my business?   Yes

Finally, after years of trying to navigate between dozens of pallets, displays, carts and more in the aisles of Wal-Mart, they have cleared the paths. No longer am I nearly smashing a child darting out of the toys section, diving between other shoppers like a NASCAR race while trying to get the items I need.

The store now has wide aisles, lots of light. It is clean, and organized.  The people shopping are now focused on the items in the store instead of trying to avoid a 9 cart pile up in the cleaning supplies area.  I know the more relaxed atmosphere will have shoppers opening their wallets a bit more. Let’s face it. The need to get out of the store faster than the speed of light is gone.

It should also benefit the company because it is now harder for shoplifters to find a hidden corner to complete their evil task.

Store security should also see less of those hit and run situations in the store where someone leaves a cart unattended for a short time in those crowded aisles.

Now, if they could just do something about having 29 registers, with only 2 open and and lines longer than Disney. I wonder if Wal-Mart has a “Fast Pass” program?

How can the deli be out of stock for over 2 weeks?

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Company: Kroger
Item/Department: Deli

Do they wany my business?   No

Two items that are nearly constantly on feature/focus at the Kroger Deli are the Boar’s Head Everroast Chicken and Pastrami. They also happen to be the items my kids eat for lunch at school.

Sadly, for more than 2 weeks they have been out of the products and they are unable to tell me when they will arrive back in the store. I have been visiting the store and buying small amounts of turkey at the deli for my kids lunches. Each time I am hoping a delivery has arrived and peace will return to my home and children’s lunches.

Maybe they want me to go find another grocer/deli that offers the Boar’s Head products we prefer?

November 10, 2010

Tired of business as usual!

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I don’t know about you, but I am tired of business as usual. Have businesses forgotten about the customer? Do the really connect with us?

Every day I am feeling more and more like they view us as automatronic units that are expected to just hand over cash everytime they run an advertisement.  The know our basic needs, so they can treat us with no concern. We are going to buy those items anyway.

So many times the stores you visit, the companies you use for services, just do not care about connecting with you any more. They spend hours on charts, spreadsheets, focus groups and specialists figuring out what you want. Yet, they never ask you, they never listen and worst of all they never keep their promises. They all claim stellar customer service and their widgets are the best in the world.

It is time for a change.

I will share with you my observations and experiences with you.  We can all win from this. If you are a customer, you will start to see the businesses that want your money will take better care of you. If you are a business, you will have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others and leap to the from of the pack.

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